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VR Commercial

VR Commercial is a new age real estate firm advising buyers and sellers alike in their real estate investments, acquisition and dispositions. Affordable Office Space for Sale in Pune 

Our Vision

To be leading, respected and go-to organisation for all real estate solutions, investments and transaction advisory services.

Our Mission

To leverage market expertise, knowledge base and professionalism in advising our clients and assisting them to make informed and assured real estate investment decisions.

Office Space for Sale in Pune VRC
We as real estate experts and enthusiasts are delighted to be of any assistance to you with your real estate investments. With our grassroots firmly set in Pune and PCMC region, we are looking forward to serve you with our following services.​

Transaction Advisory Service

Acquisition / Disposition / Rentals of Pre-leased, Ready to Move, Resale and Under Construction of

Transaction Advisory Service

Valuation and Consulting Services (Tailor made for developers, landowners, investors, organizations)

Affordable Office Space for Sale in Pune

Benefits of Buying or Leased Office Space in Pune with VR Commercial

Pune is a rapidly growing city with a thriving economy. This makes it an attractive destination for businesses of all sizes. If you’re considering buying office space in Pune

VR commercial can also be a great way to market your office space. VR allows potential tenants to virtually tour your office space before they even step foot in it. This can help you attract more tenants and get a higher rent.

Specific benefits of using VR commercial to market your office space in Pune:

Increased visibility

VR allows you to showcase your office space to a wider audience. Potential tenants can view your space from anywhere in the world, which can help you attract more interest.

Improved decision-making

VR allows potential tenants to get a more realistic sense of your office space. They can see the layout, the amenities, and the surrounding area. This can help them make a more informed decision.

Reduced costs

VR can help you save money on marketing costs. You don't need to create traditional marketing materials. You can simply create a VR tour of your space and share it online.

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